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The SBE34-LIST is our general membership list. On this list you will mostly see meeting notices and other notes of an SBE nature. It is currently an open list, and all subscribers can post to it.

We changed the list address to to differentiate the list from national SBE mailing lists.

To subscribe click here.


The NMRF list is a closed list. It was designed to help our TV users coordinate on some of the site visits we do. It saves a few phone calls, and if anyone needs some help, the TV RF community is there for them.

At the June 7th, 2013 meeting we voted to expand the membership of this list to include all technicians involved in RF site maintenance in both Radio and Television. The name of the list was subsequently changed from TVRF to NMRF.

If you would like to be added to the list, click here. Your request will be sent to the list administrator for approval. You may receive a return e-mail asking for more information. This approval process is to protect all of our interests!

You may also visit to use the web interface to subscribe to either list.

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