New Mexico State EAS Plan


2015 NM EAS Monitoring List-2015-8-3.xlsx.pdf

Amber Alert 2.0

The following documents are not guaranteed to be the latest versions, although updated versions are uploaded when available. For the latest versions visit http://www.fcc.gov/encyclopedia/emergency-alert-system-eas

FCC Rules Part 11-EAS

FEMA EAS Best Practice 10-11-2011

2015 Required Monthly Test Schedule

Tue Jan 6 9am
Wed Feb 4 5am
Mon Mar 2 9am
Tue  Apr 7 5am
Mon May 4 2pm
Wed Jun 3 5am
Tue Jul 7 9am
Mon Aug 3 5am
Tue Sep 8 2pm
Mon Oct 5 5am
Tue Nov 3 9am
Wed Dec 9 5am

2014 Required Monthly Test Schedule

(This will be kept up for reference through January 2015)

Tue Jan 7 9am
Mon Feb 3 5am
Wed Mar 5 9am
Tue  Apr 8 5am
Wed May 7 2pm
Mon Jun 2 5am
Wed Jul 9 9am
Mon Aug 4 5am
Tue Sep 2 2pm
Mon Oct 6 5am
Tue Nov 4 9am
Mon Dec 8 5am



  1. Jim Burt says:

    Greetings, in checking our logs, it doesn’t appear that we received a RMT yesterday, we did however get a RWT today from KOBF, was there any other problems any
    one had with the test yesterday?

    Jim Burt
    Farmington, NM

  2. Owen Smith says:

    Dear New Mexico E.A.S

    The Jul Monthly Test has only Bernalillo NM and not all New Mexico so my box
    Ignored it and we did not transmit the Monthly test all previous test had all of New Mexico on it.

    Thank you

    Owen Smith
    KSCE TV 38
    EL Paso, TX

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