New Mexico State EAS Plan


2014 NM EAS Monitoring List-2014-2-17

Amber Alert 2.0

The following documents are not guaranteed to be the latest versions, although updated versions are uploaded when available. For the latest versions visit http://www.fcc.gov/encyclopedia/emergency-alert-system-eas

FCC Rules Part 11-EAS

FEMA EAS Best Practice 10-11-2011

2014 Required Monthly Test Schedule


Tue Jan 7 9am
Mon Feb 3 5am
Wed Mar 5 9am
Tue  Apr 8 5am
Wed May 7 2pm
Mon Jun 2 5am
Wed Jul 9 9am
Mon Aug 4 5am
Tue Sep 2 2pm
Mon Oct 6 5am
Tue Nov 4 9am
Mon Dec 8 5am


1 Comment

  1. Jim Burt says:

    Greetings, in checking our logs, it doesn’t appear that we received a RMT yesterday, we did however get a RWT today from KOBF, was there any other problems any
    one had with the test yesterday?

    Jim Burt
    Farmington, NM

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